PERSONAL TRAINING Why Choose Personal Training at Evolution X Fitness:

-Weight loss    

-Improve energy    

-Increase metabolism



-Customized Program Design


-Sports Performance   

​-Constant Variation Results!!!

GROUP CLASSES You Do Not Have To Do It Alone-Bring a friend or come by yourself and meet new ones.Group Fitness is a excellent way to break through your fitness boredom. Whether you are looking to relieve stress and increase flexibility with Vinyasa Yoga, build some muscle tone with Full Body Free Weights, or kick it up a gear with our Kettle Bell Boot camp or High Intensity Interval Training we have the right class for you.


The programs that we teach, improve behavioral skills such as:

  • Goal-setting and self-monitoring of progress toward those goals

  • Building social support for new behaviors

  • Behavioral reinforcement through self-reward and positive self-talk

  • Structured problem solving to maintain the behavior change

  • Prevention of relapse into sedentary behavior

    Our physical activity and exercise instruction services pertain to exercise physiology, cardiac rehabilitation, Cancer exercise therapy, corporate fitness, health promotion, fitness and human performance, Balance, strength and conditioning and personal training.