Evolution X Fitness Llc. Personal Training,

Our sessions are very dynamic and diverse. Some of the unique, characteristics of our personal training include:State-of-the art equipment & technology free weights Treadmill, Elliptical for maximum comfort, safety, and performance Resistance bands, medicine balls, Swiss Balls, BOSU Balls, balance discs, agility ladders, boxing equipment, and a variety of additional unique equipment to maximally challenge you to be your bestClean, pristine, motivating environment in an extremely friendly and energizing atmosphere.Regardless of your goals, our committed, friendly and devoted staff is here to transform them into a reality. Along with personal training, nutrition plays a critical role in getting your results. We can educate you on what foods to eat, how much to eat and when, how to grocery shop and eating to improve your energy. Additionally, we offer a select few nutritional items at our center to help optimize recovery, promote fat loss and energy.

Evolution X Fitness llc. personal training is proud to be part of San Diego, Rancho Bernardo / 4S Ranch community,
providing a spacious 4000 sqft facility with tools and techniques that have ​revolutionized the fitness industry.
We are dedicated to our clients health and fitness goals, this is why we not only provide the tools but 
also educate our EXF community. So no matter where you may travel you will always know what to do. 
Fitness is our passion, it is a life style that benefits all that take part, this is why we live by the phase “Fitness For All”.
As a Evolution X Fitness client, we offer you more than just a place to exercise we offer
a place where you can achieve your fitness goals no matter what they may be. 
Whether you are looking to lose fat, build muscle, relieve pain, live more actively or live longer